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What to Expect

We understand that every patient has different desires, needs, and expectations when it comes to cosmetic procedures, therefore, we take the necessary time to thoroughly discuss your concerns during your initial consultation.

Dr. Vaghar will also perform complete evaluation of your skin that will give us insight to your cosmetics. She will discuss with you which procedures are appropriate for you based on her evaluation and will give you different options to choose from.

A treatment plan that is completely personalized to your needs and desires will be given to you.

First step: Initial Complementory Consultation Dr. Vaghar will perform the initial exam and will discuss the following.

  • What cosmetic procedures you are interested in.
  • What needs to be corrected or improved.
  • What procedures would most benefit you.
  • How long it would take.
  • How much you would need to invest.

Second Step: Perfect Photography System With this unique photography system, we can detect and diagnose skin conditions much more accurately. Incorporating the latest in Ultraviolet Flash Technology, we can give you stunning amount of information to help you assess the condition of your skin, including wrinkles, sun damage, state of skin dehydration, and acne inflamation. This service is unique to our office and is completely free for our new patients.

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