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Eternal Beauty Medical Clinic

Eternal Beauty Medical Clinic was born out of Dr. Forouzan Vaghar’s vision for a clinic that offered medical aesthetic services in a spa-like setting. All patients receive personal attention from the doctor who performs the procedures. Providing these services in a medical setting means that the procedures are more efficient and more effective.


“The microdermabrasion I have, is 12 times stronger than the normal microdermabrasion,” says Dr. Vaghar, medical director of Eternal Beauty Medical Clinic.  With that kind of power, results come in one treatment rather than over the span of several weeks, which is typical of a spa Microdermabrasion treatment.

Dr Vaghar MD

Dr. Forouzan Vaghar

Dr. Forouzan Vaghar received her bachelor’s degree of arts with honors majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology, Genetics from the University of California, Berkeley in 1991.

Dr. Vaghar graduated from Medical College at Pennsylvania Medical School in 1991. She continued her training and finished her internship and residency at University of California Davis in 1999. She became board certified in 2000. She has been practicing medicine in San Jose area since 1999.

Dr. Forouzan Vaghar always had special interest in cosmetic and aesthetic procedures and she received extensive training from 2004-2006.   Dr. Vaghar  began her own practice in 2006 with a main goal of providing medical grade aesthetic treatments performed by an experienced physician. Building on her strong background and incorporating state of the art technology, she has created a comfortable and private environment providing extraordinary service and quality of care.

She is a member of Santa Clara County Medical Association.

Kim Fisher

Office Manager

I have background in business management and in the medical field. I am currently assisting Dr. Vaghar with primary care,  and cosmetic patients.

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